9/2012 USTPO awards Patent 20110197722

YouTube page tops 100k hits.

Invention becomes Product.

Dream Cutter demo's Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter at Cabin Fever Expo 2012, York PA, Jan. 13-14. Win a Mini-Lathe!

Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter begins shipping along with new demo videos, 3d virtual animated demo, and project ideas.

Dream Cutter exhibits at "Cabin Fever Expo" Jan 13-14 York PA, to demo Compound Radial Machine.

Dream Cutter Direct opens, Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter ships.

11/20/2011 The first batch of assembled and tested Mini-Lath Dream Cutters is ready for packaging. Video demos and use photos in production..










The Dream Cutter Advantage

Operating like an extension of your hands, the Dream Cutter accessory affords unparalleled levels of tool control.  Unleash the power of your machine and cut your dreams today.


Contact Info

Tel: (619) 756-7303

E-mail: sales@dreamcutter.com

Web: www.dreamcutter.com


Compound Radial Machine Home

Dream Cutter LLC significantly advanced machining methods technology to create a feature rich lathe compound capable of performing many desirable cutting operations not possible with legacy equipment.   Dream Cutter technology is inventive its intellectual property ownership has been asserted and protected with utility and method patent application in many countries. Patents corresponding to such inventions are being prosecuted through Buche and Associates, P.C. Of La Jolla CA.  Dream Cutter®  invented a lathe compound multi-tool and associated machining method called Compound Radial Cutting™.  Applied with the aid of Dream Cutter machine tool accessories, Compound Radial Cutting promotes extraordinary advantages in manual lathe operations by enhancing capability, productivity, and quality consistency.


Dream Cutter tools are designed and manufactured in San Diego CA USA. Dream Cutter lathe accessories are fabricated from steel in a modern CNC machining facility to deliberate and precise and tolerances.  

Research & Development

DREAM CUTTER  ESTABLISHED AS A CALIFORNIA based LLC to promote research and sales of Dream Cutter products and technology. Dream Cutter designs develops machine tool accessories that deliver exceptional value by boosting the performance of legacy equipment to new limits. Our core products are based on Compound Radial Cutting methods, a Dream Cutter developed technique that facilitates many operations. Peter Martin leads the Dream Cutter management team with over 25 years of multi-disciplinary engineering and product development experience to commercial, government and defense clients.

Under engineering and manufacturing management who’s guiding principals have been founded through Demming’s methodology for determining effective practices and progress and modernized with ISO9000 (mfg)/9001(service) recommendations. Our methods and techniques to documented, and processes and results constantly measured and improved.

Sales & Distribution

In order to provide the greatest Customer choice and convenience, Dream Cutter products are available direct from the factory and through your favorite machine tool suppliers. Learn more about our sales channels:Customer Direct Sales, Distribution Programs, Technology Licensing

Dealers: Wholesale distribution is available to suitable retailers through our Selective Dealer Distribution program.  It should be noted that Dream Cutter CSD rigidly adheres to the recommended retail list price and fully backs their products with the same warranty and diligence to customer service as those distributed wholesale to foster a robust dealer sales channel environment.  

Furthermore analysis of market research indicates the Dream Cutter product has considerable potential in several new niche markets. Its been demonstrated that the visualization of the unique qualities of Dream Cutter products sparks substantial consumer interest outside of traditional machine tool and hobby markets. The DreamCutter.com and our affiliated metal-lathe.com website will identify attractive projects, tips and generate creative inspiration content as the primary means of outreach to these diverse markets. Our 101 list is a start. By providing a convenient portal to these markets Dream Cutter dealers will have direct access to supply the needs of new segments in the market and further draw their interest into the industry.  To learn more about the Dream Cutter Selective Dealer Distribution program please contact distribution@dreamcutter.com.

Quality & Customer Service

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